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Flexible Quantity

We have been successful in our business due to two factors – flexibility and quantity. These have supported us in decreasing the overall cost of ownership. With less batch size, clients can order the needful quantity and decrease their inventory cost.

Customized Steel Grades

Kisco Castings India Limited is innovating and producing new technology in this competitive arena, so that we always stay on top. This when coupled with our customization facility, makes us the best company in this field of work. Customization is provided on the parameters of size, tolerance, chemical composition, service and length. Furthermore, if client requires use of specific grade steel, then we can make it possible.

Quality Assurance

Kisco Castings (India) Limited was incorporated in 1992, and has been well known for the quality of steel in both process and product, which we have been committed to. We have been awarded and certified since 2001 as ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

We produce variety of steels in order to satisfy customers requirement in the production of forged alloy steel bars, forgings, SG iron castings, rolled alloy steel bars or other steel products. For the assurance of quality the products are supervised and tested by experts at every stage from being molding till they are dispatched.

Our belief is that our products are dependent on the raw materials that are used into the steel making, which are tested and certified. Our sole purpose is to start a new venture Kisco Global LLC, in US with the vision of being a supplier of quality raw materials.

Kisco believe in principles that has made our manufacturing facilities the best in the world.

  • We generate value for everyone, but keeping in mind customers as the first priority, then the employee and then the shareholders. We focus on long term philosophy than short term financial gains.
  • We closely focus on the parameters in improving the continuous process like temperature, time, composition, degassing etc.
  • To improve and empower the staff standardized tasks from production to administration are promoted which helps them to learn better and faster.
  • As the management structure is flat and transparent, the senior management staff looks out things for themselves which helps them in understanding of situations in a better manner.


We have accreditation from the below listed authorities:-
  • TUV Rheinland Precisely Right
  • Indian Ordance Factories   
  • BEML
  • Confederation of Indian Industries
  • Engineer Export Promotion Council
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  • Bhilai Steel Plant
  • Engine Factory Registration
Promise of Quality

We are operating in the facilities which are certified by ISO 9001:2008. We have earned high praise in the markets by serving customers finest quality products developed on their detailed specifications.

Some of the principles are mentioned below which we have followed since our inception:-
  • Give first priority to customers and then to shareholders of the company. To basically generate values around the company and make short term financial gains.
  • To continuously improve ourselves and take a step forward in terms of quality.
  • Standardize each step we take in our facilities.
  • Maintain a flat and transparent management structure.

The first motivation of our company has remained to always serve the finest quality products to the customers.  Each one of our offering can be developed as per the specified requirements of the customers. We undertake strict tests in our facility so as to assure that flawless products are served by us.

Some of our capabilities, of our company are mentioned below:-

Production Machinery

  • Two 8.5MT each Medium Frequency Melting Furnaces by GEC
  • Vacuum degassing unit
  • Argon purging system
  • 5 M.T steam hammer
  • 1.5 M.T pneumatic hammer
  • Sand-casting foundry section
  • Die casting section
  • Vertical Turret Lathe
  • Horizontal Boring
  • Surface Grinder
  • Roll Grinder
  • Shaper
  • Insulating vemacolite sand pit
  • Ferro-alloy, refractory and ladle preheating sets
  • Machining section-Lathe machines

Testing And Inspection Capabilities

  • Fully equipped wet analysis lab
  • Digital Microscropic Laboratory
  • Grain growth and dendrite study of the ingot.
  • Grain size.
  • Inclusion rating.
  • Internal soundness.
  • Micro structural analysis.
  • Segregation.
  • Surface defects.
  • D.P Testing facility
  • Digital immersion pyrometer
  • Impact Testing
  • Jominy Hardenability testing equipment
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Rockwell, Poldi & Shore hardness testing machines
  • Sand testing equipment
  • Spectrometers (16&27 channels)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  • Universal Testing Machine

Confirmation of DRC Conflict Free Status

Each one of the material supplied to customers by us has been processed under the following parameters of DRC Conflict Free authorities since January 31, 2013.

  • “To not intentionally use columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, wolframite, gold, or their derivatives tantalum, tin, and tungsten (collectively, "Conflict Minerals").
  • “To not use the Conflict Minerals and DO originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") or the adjoining countries (Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia).
  • (It is a common choice for carbon and stainless steels. Due to melt of scrap uses some trace amount of the listed minerals may be present.)
  • “ Each one of the compound to be used in processing materials (includes, but is not limited to, lubricants, coatings, and marking materials) must contain <250 ppm chlorides or halogens
  • “Pb is to be always reported on MTR and must be <0.010%
  • “The supplied material must always be free of mercury (Hg) contamination and no mercury bearing equipment is to be used while manufacturing.”
  • “Produced Material and coatings must not contain Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls, nor Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers or excess of RoHS limits.
  • “Neither coating Nor Base is to REACH Substances of Very High Concern.”

Child Labour policy

We commit that any form of child labor is prohibited in our facility. These norms are adopted by the ILO (International Labour Organization) & Indian Labour Law by:

  • “To Not allow any children under the age of 18 to perform work within company premises.”
  • “Maintaining age/birth date proofs of all working employees.”


We are socially responsible company and aim to meet and surpass the expectation of its customers, share holders and employees by emphasizing on the objectives listed below:

  • “To continuously improve our manufacturing processes and a focus on cost competitiveness enabling us to deliver reliable products”
  • “To give least impact on the environment and pollution by controlling resources and effective hazardous waste management”
  • “Give a healthy and safe working environment free from injury and ill health for enabling individuals to contribute efficiently.”
  • “To comply with all relevant statutory, regulatory and other requirements related to product, environment, and occupational health & safety."
  • All this shall be achieved through continual improvement in all our processes.


Rolling Mill

  • 24“ Automatic mill with 04“ stands.
  • 12“ Automatic mill with 06“ stands.
  • 18“ Roughing mill
  • Billet reheating pusher type furnace- Gas fired.
  • Online hot site cutting facility.
  • Band saw machine for end cutting.
  • Overhead grider cranes

Forging Division

  • Open die forging with 06 tons steam hammer.
  • Mobile forging manipulator by DDS- GERMANY
  • 02 Oil fired reheating furnace with 06 point temperature control.
  • Portable infra-red thermometer RAYTEK, USA.
  • Slow cooling pit for better internal soundness.
  • Band saw machine( Semi-automatic / Automatic).
  • Overhead cranes up to 25 Tons.

SMS Division

  • Electric melting furnace.
  • Capacity – 24000 MT/ Annum.
  • Laddle furnace with Argon purging (LF).
  • Vacuum degassing.
  • Cold wired feeder.
  • Bottom pouring ingot casting.
  • Overhead double girder crane up to 40 tons.
  • Foundry section casting up to 14T single piece.
  • Ingot molds from 4“ to 34“ .
  • Laddle preheating set up.
  • Air pollution control device.

Heat Treatment

  • Oil & Gas poured annealing furnace from 04 to 60 tons capacity.
  • Spherodised annealing furnace up to 20 Tons.
  • Quenching & tempering as per API 6A/AMS 2570 with a quench delay of less than 30 secs.
  • Normalizing furnace, Bogie type up to 25 Tons capacity.

Bright Bar Division

  • Bar peeling machine up to 100 mm.
  • Bar polishing machine up to 100 mm.
  • Centerless grinder.
  • Cold drawing up to 65mm.
  • Round bar straightening machine up to 130 mm.
  • Section straightening machine.
  • Champering machine.
  • Band saw cutting machine (Semi-automatic/ Automatic)
  • GO / NOGO gauges.
  • Straightening presses.

Machine Shop

  • Conventional geared horizontal lathe.
  • NC geared lathe.
  • CNC horizontal lathe up to 05 mtr.
  • Vertical turret lathe.
  • Centerless rolls grinder.
  • Duplex milling & other milling machines.
  • Radial drill.
  • Horizontal boring machines.
  • Overhead cranes up to 15MT.

248, Sector 9, Block B, Guru Ki Nagri, Bhadla Road, Mandi Gobindgarh - 147301, Punjab, India
Mr Rajesh Pairde (Sales Executive)
Mobile :+919999116147, +919999116144, +919999116150

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